Here you can find all our shows before we moved over to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. While most of this content is no longer relevant it seemed a shame to take it offline and make it no longer available.

Episode 10: The Rage of Sigmar!

Minisode 6: Age of Playmobil!

Episode 8: 8th Ed Swan Song!

Episode 7: SCGT pre event show!

Minisode 5: Mr 400 Talks Mersey!

Minisode 4: Mersey Meltdown!

Episode 6: Lightning Strikes!

Episode 5: Firestorm Fours Review!

Episode 4: Emo Twin – AGoM Review Show!

Minisode 3: AGoM Tournament Preview Part 1!

Minisode 3: AGoM Tournament Preview Part 2!

Episode 3: Firestorm Fours Preview!

Episode 2: Ya Oughta Bring End Times to da Slaughta!

Minisode 1: Lightning Strike Comp Review!

Episode 1: Masters of the End Times!

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