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Epsiode 76: Sylvaneth Seedpods!

In This Episode…

…we review the Sylvaneth battletome in depth. Finally the seedpods are ripe and ready to be unleashed all over the tournament scene. If you want to know your oakenbrow from your gnarlroot and why winterleaf might just be the obvious choice give the show a listen. We point out our favourites as well as try and hash out a match play list which we think could compete in the current meta. As well as covering all artefacts, traits, warscrolls, spells and battalions with our initial reach for match play Age of Sigmar. So are the Sylvaneth ready to take the tournament scene by storm or will they struggle to compete in the current meta? We try and address that question and will be keeping a close eye on all things woody in the coming months!

So if you want to know all about the new Sylvaneth battletome then this is the show for you, so sit back and get ready for some hammer to your face!

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Episode 71: Blades of Khorne!

In this Episode…

…we talk about the Blades of Khorne Battletome in detail. We discuss all the options, but mostly skull cannons… and how to buff your skull cannons and why skull cannons are amazing! Well we do talk about everything else in the battletome and some of the sneaky blood tithe combos and tricks which can be pulled off using the new judgements of khorne and blood blessings. So get ready to sacrifice skulls to the altar of awesome and sit back and get ready for some (bloodskullwrath) hammer to your face.

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Episode 69: Flesh-Eater Courts!

In this Episode…

…the FaceHammer team analyse the brand new Flesh-Eater Courts battletome in Gory Detail! We talk about the grand court’s and the new Arch Regent warscroll as well as the best way to tear your opponents asunder with wanton bloody abandon! Want to know how to run an army of Monsters and be effective or how to shut down the table with your loyal followers! Maybe you just know FEC all about them and want the low down, if so then…

…sit back and get ready for some hammer to your face!

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