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High Elf Mage Farseer Conversion

I had so much fun at Warhammer Worlds Heat 3 playing my janky High Elf Dragon list that I’ve decided to continue working on The (turquoise) Twilight Host! I’m looking for excuses to use nice plastic characters (be they Aelf or otherwise), in this article I cover making a High (Aelf) Elf Mage conversion using the Warhammer 40k Eldar Farseer model.

I picked up the beautiful Eldar Farseer model from the Warhammer 40,000 range with a view to what is basically a head/arm swap. The head swap was simple, the arms were far more complex than I had intended upon though. The fantastic Empire Battle Wizard box came in very useful, as well as some Eternal Guard/Wyldwood Ranger Vambraces.

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Assembling Forgeworld Resin & Scenic Base Building

Working with Forgeworld Resin

This weekend I assembled a Forgeworld resin Carmine Dragon. I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking, here’s what I got up to this weekend :).

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So… we’re blogging! About all things Warhammer!

FaceHammer are blogging!

Hello peeps, we’ve started blogging! Hopefully this can become your go-to place for FaceHammer flavoured updates on everything Age Of Sigmar! We’re going to be treating it much like FaceHammer’s Twitter but without a text limit :).

What can you expect to see here?

  • What we’re hobbying on currently
  • Event photos and feedback
  • Tactical insight into games we have played
  • List writing thoughts and discussions
  • Product reviews
  • All things Age of Sigmar related!

For my first post I thought I’d pick something very basic: my hobby corner! (It made me tidy as a hidden bonus..). Like a lot of you I have limited space to hobby in, and I often work at my desk too, so I’ve found a nice middle ground.

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