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Episode 52: Adepticon Prep!

Adepticon Prep!

In this Episode we talk about our hobby prep for Adepticon, Answer questions about what we expect from the American AOS scene and discuss everything from our army lists and predictions for the event as well as how we are going to transport our models to the States!

Sit back and get ready for some hammer to your face!

Check out Chuck’s Daughters of Khaine Articles below and the Official Adepticon page


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Episode 41: AOS 6 Nations 2017!

AOS 6 Nations Team Event

AOS 6 Nations coverage!

Welcome to the show!

In today’s show we discuss the AOS 6 Nations event. We are joined by special guest star Tom ‘the blight king’ Mawdsley to discuss his Blight King army. Byron discusses his Death army and covers his thinking behind the match up process. Les discusses Sylvaneth tactics and how to win at Blood and Glory!

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