Podcast 0 comments on Episode 101: Are Hedonites of Slaanesh competitive?

Episode 101: Are Hedonites of Slaanesh competitive?

In this episode…

…Russ and Byron deep dive into the Hedonites of Slaanesh battletome. Russ showcases 3 army lists for competitive matched play from the book. Before we get into the lists we discuss where we think Slaanesh are in the meta and why playing Hedonites will make you a better Age of Sigmar player. We showcase 3 army lists on the show utilising wrath of the everchosen. List 1 is focused around shooting, list 2 is all about Sigvald and list 3 is an anti-hero army using pretenders!

So want to know more about how to be competitive with the new Slaanesh battletome? Then sit back and get ready for some hammer to your face!

Army lists are here

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Podcast 0 comments on Episode 100: FACEHAMMER Special!

Episode 100: FACEHAMMER Special!

In this Episode…

…we look back at 6 years of Facehammer Warhammer and Age of Sigmar content and say a fond farewell to Terry and Les as they step away from the mic!

This show is a a journey back down memory lane talking about some of the fun we had during the last 6 years, so not much actual gaming content!

So sit back… and enjoy some Hammer to the Face!

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Episode 99: Hedonites of Slaanesh and Daughters of Khaine Battletome review

In this Episode…

…Two books… ONE SHOW! that’s right – We discuss both the new Hedonites of Slaanesh and Daughters of Khaine in our epic battletome review. So want to get all the changes as well as the synergies in the book then this show is for you.

First we go through the Daughters of Khaine Battletome – Touching on changes and updates to the book focusing mainly on the new temples.

Then we tackle the Hedonites of Slaanesh – hold on as this is a very different battle tome to the previous one! So much to cover so sit back and enjoy some hammer to your face!

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Also Available on YouTube here!

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Podcast 0 comments on Episode 97: Xmas Special!

Episode 97: Xmas Special!

In this Episode…

…we talk all things AoS in this free form Xmas special! We start by talking about the key points to being a good opponent in response to a question raised in our discord.

Following up we then reflect on our favourite models from 2020 and then go back to the models which we loved from back the day which got us into the hobby.

Finally we tackle the quesiton of what army would we do over a weekend or month period for 2021 ready for the new season.

So sit back, sip some egg nogg and get ready for some hammer yo your face!

Podcast 0 comments on Episode 96: Shadow, Pain & FISH!

Episode 96: Shadow, Pain & FISH!

In this episode…

In this show we discuss the Age of Sigmar warscroll changes in Shadow and Pain boxset. We tell you all the rules and synergies from the brand new hero warscroll’s for both the lord of pain and Ironscale melusai characters.

We also take you through a Dom Hain enclave Idoneth deepkin force using the new Broken Realm Morathi warscrolls focused around the Akhelian Corps formation.

Shadow and Pain


Models featured from our discord

Podcast 0 comments on Broken Realms Morathi – The LORE explained!

Broken Realms Morathi – The LORE explained!

In this Episode…

…we talk through the story and background for the first installment of the Broken Realms series for age of sigmar; Broken Realms MORTAHI! We talk through the prophecy and Fractured Empire to bring you up to speed with the story so far in AOS Soul wars! Beware this contains SPOILERS!

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Podcast 0 comments on Episode 95: Broken Realms Morathi Rules!

Episode 95: Broken Realms Morathi Rules!

Full rules breakdown from the new book!

In this episode…

Want to know all the changes and updates presented in the new battletome? Then this video is for you! We talk through all the new rules from Broken Realms Morathi giving you an indepth review of the new battletome updates and rules.

We start with the new Daughters of Khaine rules. A brand new Melusai focused temple and formations as well as a detailed look at the new Morathi warscrolls.

In the Cities of Sigmar segment, we focus heavily on the darkling coven, order sepentis and scourge privateer units available under the new cities; Har Kuron and Misthavn presented in Broken Realms Mortahi. Stormcast get some love with Anvils of Heldenhammer featuring heavily in this book. They are rewarded with a new Stormkeep stormcast allegiance and some great formations which lend themselves to a very viable competitive army which we discuss on the show!

Then we go through the changes to the Idoneth Deepkin warscrolls, comparing the old to the new as well as discussing list ideas – Idoneth get a real boost with this book and its exciting to see Allopex’s, Levidadon’s and Eidolons getting an update and opening up list ideas for the already powerful Idoneth Deepkin army in matched play AOS!

Finally the slaves to darkness Idolator damned legion gets the spotlight with new warshrine and priest focused rules as well a look at the new warscroll battalion. So want to get all the detail on the new rules then this show is for you! Get ready for some Hammer to your face!

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Podcast 0 comments on Episode 94: BR Mortahi Preview and METAWATCH

Episode 94: BR Mortahi Preview and METAWATCH

In this episode…

…the guys cover the Broken Realms Morathi preview. Discuss what it could mean for the future of AoS and the mortal realms! We take an indepth look at the Metawatch analysis article by Dan Street; Looking about the Data and results from recent events. Are Kharadron Overlords really the best army in AOS right now?

Finally we cover Breakfest – Talking about Byron’s Recent games with Destruction, Les’ games with Lumineth, and a highlight on a renegade Flesh Eater Courts list by Dave the Necbromancer! So this is another episode packed with AOS tips, tactical analysis, and gaming knowledge so get ready for some hammer to your face!

Broken Realms Mortahi video

Army List Review, Army Review, Podcast 0 comments on Sons of Behemat – The worst AOS army?

Sons of Behemat – The worst AOS army?

Sons of Behemat – Strengths and Weakness!

“Sons of Behemat are the worst age of sigmar army!” – Or so you might have seen on the internet! we follow up our in depth faction focus and expand on our thoughts after some time at the table giving our opinion on why Sons of BEHEMAT are a competitive army for Matched play AGE OF SIGMAR.

We cover strengths and weaknesses of the book as well as where the book sits in the META! Russ talks about the 4 games played on release weekend and covers key learning points and nuances on why the Sons of BEHEMAT are a great army.

General’s Handbook Missions

Russ shares his latest list evolution for the SOBs and explains why he is all in on the army. Want to know what Generals Handbook 2020 mission is a good, bad or average match up for the Sons of BEHEMAT? well we go through all 12 scenarios and explain why!

Finally we touch on Auxiliary objectives and which are impacted by the unique nature of the latest AGE OF SIGMAR Battletome. So if you enjoyed our Faction Focus on the Sons or are a NEW PLAYER looking for help and TACTICS on the army then this show is for you! Let us know what you think below!

Check out the you tube video

Destruction, Podcast 0 comments on Episode 93: Sons of BEHEMAT!

Episode 93: Sons of BEHEMAT!

In this Episode…

..we cover our Faction focus on the Sons of Behemat. In this break down of the new Age of Sigmar battletome, we deep dive into matched play Age of Sigmar!

We are talking Mega-Gargants and Man-Crushas and why mightier makes rightier! Understand all the power of the big stomp of the S.O.Bs from Heel to Toe! We analyse all 3 tribes; Taker, breaker and Stompa – Telling you the best artefact and trait for each!

In the second section we take a look at the Mercenary rules and how Mega-Gargants can enhance existing armies! Finally we have 3 example army lists! one from each Tribe for inspiration for new players to pick up the Sons of Behemat and stomp all over opponents on the way to the podium!

Sons of BEHEMAT Army Lists!

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