In this Episode…

…we talk through the story and background for the first installment of the Broken Realms series for age of sigmar; Broken Realms MORTAHI! We talk through the prophecy and Fractured Empire to bring you up to speed with the story so far in AOS Soul wars! Beware this contains SPOILERS!

ACT 1 – Blood of Khaine

We discuss the elements behind the first ACT of the book – Talking all things Varanite and the manipulation of Mortathi to coerce Sigmar and Allarelle into helping her enact her plan to ascend to godhood!

ACT 2 – Rise of a Godess

Despite the best efforts of the Idoneth and a timely intervention by Slaanesh Mortahis Ritual is completed but not without setbacks – Learn all about the nuances in this section of the show and hear our theory about page 45!

ACT 3 – Anvilguard in Darkness!

Ven Brecht returns to Anvilguard to his work uncovering the Blackscale Coil. We learn about the Coils mysterious benefactor; The Soverign! So find out what happens to the denizens of Anvilguard as Mortahi enacts the last stage of her plans in this thrilling conclusion to the story!

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