Episode 103:Lumineth Realm-Lords and Broken Realms Teclis Battletome Review

In this Episode…

…we discuss the matched play changes in Broken Realms Teclis and showcase all the new rules in the Lumineth Realm-Lords battletome which are up for Pre order today! There are significant changes to Nurgle warscrolls, a new City of Sigmar and some new formations as well as the second wave of Lumineth Realm-Lords!

So if you want to know all the rules, changes and hear our thoughts on the book sit back and get ready for some hammer to the face!

Check out the youtube version for pictures of all the warscrolls!

Here is a bonus show where we craft some lists!

Lists can be downloaded here!

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Episode 101: Are Hedonites of Slaanesh competitive?

In this episode…

…Russ and Byron deep dive into the Hedonites of Slaanesh battletome. Russ showcases 3 army lists for competitive matched play from the book. Before we get into the lists we discuss where we think Slaanesh are in the meta and why playing Hedonites will make you a better Age of Sigmar player. We showcase 3 army lists on the show utilising wrath of the everchosen. List 1 is focused around shooting, list 2 is all about Sigvald and list 3 is an anti-hero army using pretenders!

So want to know more about how to be competitive with the new Slaanesh battletome? Then sit back and get ready for some hammer to your face!

Army lists are here

Check it out on you tube!