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Episode 96: Shadow, Pain & FISH!

In this episode…

In this show we discuss the Age of Sigmar warscroll changes in Shadow and Pain boxset. We tell you all the rules and synergies from the brand new hero warscroll’s for both the lord of pain and Ironscale melusai characters.

We also take you through a Dom Hain enclave Idoneth deepkin force using the new Broken Realm Morathi warscrolls focused around the Akhelian Corps formation.

Shadow and Pain


Models featured from our discord

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Episode 95: Broken Realms Morathi Rules!

Full rules breakdown from the new book!

In this episode…

Want to know all the changes and updates presented in the new battletome? Then this video is for you! We talk through all the new rules from Broken Realms Morathi giving you an indepth review of the new battletome updates and rules.

We start with the new Daughters of Khaine rules. A brand new Melusai focused temple and formations as well as a detailed look at the new Morathi warscrolls.

In the Cities of Sigmar segment, we focus heavily on the darkling coven, order sepentis and scourge privateer units available under the new cities; Har Kuron and Misthavn presented in Broken Realms Mortahi. Stormcast get some love with Anvils of Heldenhammer featuring heavily in this book. They are rewarded with a new Stormkeep stormcast allegiance and some great formations which lend themselves to a very viable competitive army which we discuss on the show!

Then we go through the changes to the Idoneth Deepkin warscrolls, comparing the old to the new as well as discussing list ideas – Idoneth get a real boost with this book and its exciting to see Allopex’s, Levidadon’s and Eidolons getting an update and opening up list ideas for the already powerful Idoneth Deepkin army in matched play AOS!

Finally the slaves to darkness Idolator damned legion gets the spotlight with new warshrine and priest focused rules as well a look at the new warscroll battalion. So want to get all the detail on the new rules then this show is for you! Get ready for some Hammer to your face!

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Episode 78: Death and Deepkin!

In this episode…

… We discuss Deepkin and Death Tactics in depth with special guest James Tinsdale. We talk about his Namarti corps list which went 5-0 at Blackout 2019 after the recent release of the GHB2019 and discuss what separates the players who do well at tournaments with some tips on aspiring competitive players to up their game!

In part 2 of the show we delve into the dark world of Legion of Nagash lists talking about Byron’s and James Element Games Grand Slam lists and experiences. Russ being a long time Death player discusses his musings and how the new GHB has affected the faction. So if you want to hear about competitive tactical play using Death this is the show for you…

…So sit back and get ready for some hammer to your face!

James holding his spoils from Blackout 2019!