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Episode 95: Broken Realms Morathi Rules!

Full rules breakdown from the new book!

In this episode…

Want to know all the changes and updates presented in the new battletome? Then this video is for you! We talk through all the new rules from Broken Realms Morathi giving you an indepth review of the new battletome updates and rules.

We start with the new Daughters of Khaine rules. A brand new Melusai focused temple and formations as well as a detailed look at the new Morathi warscrolls.

In the Cities of Sigmar segment, we focus heavily on the darkling coven, order sepentis and scourge privateer units available under the new cities; Har Kuron and Misthavn presented in Broken Realms Mortahi. Stormcast get some love with Anvils of Heldenhammer featuring heavily in this book. They are rewarded with a new Stormkeep stormcast allegiance and some great formations which lend themselves to a very viable competitive army which we discuss on the show!

Then we go through the changes to the Idoneth Deepkin warscrolls, comparing the old to the new as well as discussing list ideas – Idoneth get a real boost with this book and its exciting to see Allopex’s, Levidadon’s and Eidolons getting an update and opening up list ideas for the already powerful Idoneth Deepkin army in matched play AOS!

Finally the slaves to darkness Idolator damned legion gets the spotlight with new warshrine and priest focused rules as well a look at the new warscroll battalion. So want to get all the detail on the new rules then this show is for you! Get ready for some Hammer to your face!

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Episode 92: Effective Age of Sigmar Army list Design!

In this Episode…

…Russ and Byron talk about how to write effective Age of Sigmar army lists that will make you a better player! Russ takes us through his Slaves to Darkness army list he’d building for matched play gaming. Explaining why he took the choices he did and how the army works on the table.

Byron then goes through his Bonesplitterz rogue idol armies and discusses Kunnin Ruk and if its no longer matched play viable. Finally we discuss the concepts and principals behind designing armies for matched play that give you the best tools to improve your gaming!

Chaos, Podcast 0 comments on Episode 91: Slaves to Darkness Redux!

Episode 91: Slaves to Darkness Redux!

In this Episode…

…we revisit the Slaves to Darkness Battletome and discuss the impact of the GHB2020 to the Slaves to Darkness forces in Age of Sigmar! In the first section we discuss the battleline units and why they are so important to Slaves to Darkness Armies, we also touch on the conundrum of picking an allegiance and the points to consider,

Be’lakor, its a yes or yes question!

In the last segment of the show we discuss the hero options available to the Slaves to Darkness faction, discussing in detail why every list starts at 1760pts! We also touch on the power of the sorcerer lord and knights of chaos command ability. Do you want to be infused with daemonic power and crush those puny sigmarite dogs? Then this is the show for you!

So sit back and get ready for some hammer to your face!

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