In this Episode…

…The Facehammer team talk through the new Age of Sigmar 2 Core Rules and review all the changes and what effect  these will have on Match play AoS. We cover all the main core rule changes as well as going into the new summoning mechanics and provide our points of view on what impact this will have on the AoS tournament Meta in the coming months

So Sit back and get ready for some Hammer to your Face!

Age of Sigmar 2 the Rules!

Core mechanics

  • Base to Base!
  • Reserves and counting as slain
  • Priority roll

Hero Phase

  • Command points
  • New command abilities


  • Unbinding changes
  • Arcane Bolt and Mystic shield
  • Endless spells – Malign sorcery will be a separate show
  • Balewind Warscroll


  • Shooting when engaged in combat
  • Look out sir rule


  • Piling in
  • Compulsory attacking

Battle shock

  • Split units rule

Scenery and battlefield

  • Cover
  • Scenery Chart changes
  • Obstacles and Garrisons
  • Scenery Warscrolls
  • Realmscape rules

Match play changes

  • New Grand Alliance rules
  • Match Play army list creation

Summoning and reinforcement points

  • Khorne
  • Tzeentch
  • Seraphon
  • Slyvaneth
  • Slaanesh
  • Maggotkin and Nagash

Download the rules here!

Age of sigmar rules download

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