Episode 77 – The AOS ETC 2019

In this episode…

… we talk about the AOS ETC 2019. Les, Byron and Russ discuss the ETC event, the hobby build up to the AOS ETC 2019 and the match ups during the event. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the ETC we talk about the event and how team event AOS works. So if you want to hear our take on the International world championships of AOS then sit back and get ready for some hammer to your face!

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  1. Since it was the first AoS ETC Poland would attend and this year was the first season of Polish AoS league the Poles selected the person who would select the rest of the ETC team. Anyone can apply and TOP20 from the season voted to choose between applicants. Top 3 players in the league at the end of the season are guaranteed a spot in the team if they want it. The rest is selected by the “selector”. Olgierd, who was the “selector” decided he will not be the team’s captain and thought Adam would do better than him, so he appointed Adam to be the team’s captain.
    The Polish team consisted of (numbers indicate the rank at the end of the season): #1 Łukasz (Slaanesh), #2 Rafał (Seraphon), #3 Olgierd (Grand Host), #4 Gaga (Daughters), #5 Adam [C] (Sylvaneth), #15 Marcin (Skaven)

    For ETC 2020 since we have more data to work with the “selector” will be chosen in September so he/she has much more time to do the work. Top 30 players from the previous season will vote who will do the job. After that again top3 has guaranteed spot on the team if they want it.

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