Sons of Behemat – Strengths and Weakness!

“Sons of Behemat are the worst age of sigmar army!” – Or so you might have seen on the internet! we follow up our in depth faction focus and expand on our thoughts after some time at the table giving our opinion on why Sons of BEHEMAT are a competitive army for Matched play AGE OF SIGMAR.

We cover strengths and weaknesses of the book as well as where the book sits in the META! Russ talks about the 4 games played on release weekend and covers key learning points and nuances on why the Sons of BEHEMAT are a great army.

General’s Handbook Missions

Russ shares his latest list evolution for the SOBs and explains why he is all in on the army. Want to know what Generals Handbook 2020 mission is a good, bad or average match up for the Sons of BEHEMAT? well we go through all 12 scenarios and explain why!

Finally we touch on Auxiliary objectives and which are impacted by the unique nature of the latest AGE OF SIGMAR Battletome. So if you enjoyed our Faction Focus on the Sons or are a NEW PLAYER looking for help and TACTICS on the army then this show is for you! Let us know what you think below!

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