In this Episode…

..we talk about Lumineth, Ironjawz and Kharadron overlords! Les talks about a tournament winning lumineth list based over lots of sentinels. The list was used by @PeterQrkowski to take home first spot.

Our man Byron played some practice games with his Ironjawz list he showcased in the last show and talked about the detail around unlocking the potential of the list

Finally Russ takes us through a competitive matched play Kharadron Overlord army based on Barak Zilfin skyport and two formations. Using 4 ships and a mix of units is this list competitive enough to slug it out at the top tables? Check it out and let us know!

So want to own with Lumineth? or smash with Ironjawz or shoot peoples faces off with sky cannons? Then this show is for you! So sit back and get ready for some hammer to your face!

Kharadron Overlords List Below

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