In this episode…

…We take you through everything you need to know about GHB2020 Auxiliary Objectives and Terry showcases his Slaanesh project. We kick off with the latest news and an update about Facehammer World Wide! #FHWW.

In the first main section we discuss the implications of the Auxiliary objectives. We do this in the context of the pitched battle tournament pack in the new GHB2020. Therefore we can give you the best advice on getting the most out of these new objectives to ensure tournament success using this standard pack.

After the break we tackle Terry’s Slaanesh comission project. Hear from Terry himself as we showcase his models, discussing the techniques and colours used to achieve the result. This section is filled with lots of hobby talk and is best to reference the photos when listening (see below)

Finally Les talks thought a Lumineth list based around the Stonemason and King and not featuring Teclis in response to a listener question. So if you want 2 hours of Age of Sigmar goodness then sit back and get ready for some Hammer to your face!

Slaanesh Showcase

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