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FHGT2019 Event Page

FHGT2019 Introduction

Welcome to the fourth FaceHammer Grand Tournament, a Match Play, 5 Game Age of Sigmar event run at
Element Games Northwest gaming centre.

Following on the success of the last 3 years, we want to provide a great tournament experience for all
attendees. Although demand is very high for spaces we feel keeping the event to 100 max is best way to keep
the atmosphere of the previous events. last year we introduced a more hobby focused scoring system to
encourage players to bring nicely painted armies and play the game in the right spirit of Age of Sigmar and we
decided to continue with this in this year’s event!

Click here for the event pack

FHGT2019 event pack

Tickets available from Element Games

Check out the photos from last year in our facebook album

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Episode 64: FaceHammer GT 2018!

In This Episode…

…We cover the FaceHammer GT 2018! A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tournament held at Element Games back in September. We talk about the event from the TO’s perspective,  discussing the event in full including our thoughts on Tournament formats, the Event pack, why we decided to make certain decisions and in depth analysis of painting and lists.

We discuss how we chose the winners of the FaceHammer GT painting competition winning entries and then after a break come back to discuss the top 10 lists and thoughts about the meta and build up to GT Final!

So sit back and get ready for some Hammer to your Face!

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